Sylvester Stallone ready to make a second “escape Plan”

Сильвестр Сталлоне готов составить второй «План побега»

Sylvester Stallone is a great example of that specified in the passport age is not a reason to stop, to stop working and lead an active lifestyle.

70-year-old American actor, Director and producer shows us that there’s still life in the old dog and he is ready to achieve new goals, conquer new peaks.

One of these will be the sequel of the movie “escape Plan”.

The only part was presented to the audience in 2013. Despite the fact that the home movie not found response in the hearts of viewers outside the U.S. he was very successful and helped Sylvester not what not to fail, and even some money.

About the sequel of the film, which Stallone co-starred with Arnold Schwarzenegger, very little is known.

The script writes the author of the original “escape Plan,” miles Chapman.

The shooting will start in March 2017 in Ohio and China.

We will remind, in “escape Plan,” Stallone played the expert on security systems who was supposed to escape from the most secure prison in the world with the help of a partner, whose role went to Arnold Schwarzenegger.