Sylvester Stallone is suing robbed his production company

Сильвестр Сталлоне судится с обобравшей его кинокомпанией
The actor said that will not allow themselves to be deceived

Сильвестр Сталлоне судится с обобравшей его кинокомпанией

Sylvester Stallone


As it became known, Sylvester Stallone filed a lawsuit against Warner Bros. Actor
claims that the company breached the contract and owed him a seven-figure sum. This
information appeared on the website

In fact, this story
going on for a long time, but until recently, Stallone, relying on
representatives of the company will be “to play
by the rules,” hoping to settle this peacefully. The film, which
there was a dispute between Sylvester and Warner
Bros – “the Destroyer”, was released in late 1993 M. And
according to the contract, the company was required to pay Stallone 15% of the amount
collected at the box office. However, Sylvester did not get anything. During this time he
repeatedly appealed to the producers, demanding to pay him the promised money. But
those, under various pretexts, all delayed and delayed payment.

Still from the film “the Destroyer”

Photo: OutNow

Finally, in the last year
he sent the company ultimatum and finally got the answer:
the producers have said it will not pay anything because the fees in rentals was
less than expected. What angered Stallone said that according to the contract, he still has
the right to share…

All ended up being
recently he sent a check, but only for 2 million. Sylvester, who, in his
calculations, owed nearly 9 million, million, decided that this is
too, and sued the company to court. “It’s not just me – it’s a matter of principle.
Greedy managers of the companies consider it normal practice to underpay actors. And
this has to stop!” — said Stallone. If the court finds that he
right, Warner Bros will not only bring back Sylvester posited
amount, but also to cover the legal fees. “And let this be a warning for the future
a lesson to all those who will try to lead this way!” commented