Sworn friend and Dolmatova again Vodonaeva scandal

Заклятые подруги Водонаева и Долматова снова скандалят

Ex-wife of rapper Guf cannot forgive Aretha, that she agreed to appear in advertising their common enemy.

ISA Dolmatova and Alain Vodonaeva – girls of the shrew, his words do not climb. Previously, for this they are each other’s valued and respected. But in March two friends ran a black cat, and now they have turned their evil against each other.

Despite the fact that in the life of ISA a new Chapter has begun: she was married to businessman Dmitry Anokhin, moved with him and with his son Sam in Bali and will soon become a mother for the second time, but no – life ex girlfriend haunts businesswoman. ISA recently posted on the page in Instagram angry post, in which he condemned all those who from their blogs made an advertising site. Especially got Alena Vodonaevoy because she agreed to cooperate with the person who previously disliked both girls.

“Do not, still will not be silent. Pregnant women can’t hold it in… doesn’t hurt that ex-wife and once my best friend advertises those who betrayed me… And now one more, my friend began to work with the “favorite” partner, who just bought all. So how is it possible that you are friends with people and they betray you for a grandmother!” – in the hearts of Dolmatov wrote.

ISA read aloud the names of those who once it was down, then continued:

“In my life there are many people, those who are behind. But my once-strong love for them does not allow me to even accidentally hurt them! I know all their weaknesses, but repeatedly refused offers, which can hurt even former friends! This is a new low! And I don’t want to fall anyone’s eyes. Now I only see the bluff and the desire to come after me, but it is characteristic of uneducated people. I know that you, my friends, do not miss any of my post! Read and know that you have no soul. These do not achieve success never, whatever you do! Gather everyone in a circle and invent like me to annoy!”

We will remind, earlier at Dolmatova took one of her businesses. It was rumored that the partners businesswoman were unhappy that the face of beauty is constantly missing in Russia. Since ISA is in no hurry to return to Moscow and trying to do business in Bali.

“It was very difficult to control a business in Moscow from afar, since I lost it,” admitted in a recent interview with Woman’s Day ISA. But now I’m much smarter and will not allow the same mistakes”.

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