Свифт зарабатывает больше Мадонны и Рианны, вместе взятых

Forbes magazine estimated the revenues of the stars. Income American country-pop singer for the 2016… has made 170 million dollars!

Looks like actor Tom Hiddleston are just incredibly lucky. Turns out, he found not just the most beautiful in America. The singer and actress still rich!

Forbes magazine recently published a list of the highest paid stars. It was headed by… Yes, American Taylor swift.

According to the magazine, the income of the performer in 2016 amounted to neither more nor less than 170 million dollars.

On the second line band One Direction ($100 million), but the third place was taken by the writer James Patterson ($95 million), a famous series of novels about inspector Alex Cross.

Fourth place was shared by psychologist, writer and TV host Phil McGraw and footballer Cristiano Ronaldo ($88 million). But his name and so is not coming from the editorials of Newspapers, especially after his moment of glory at Euro 2016.

Follow comedian Kevin HART ($87,5 million), radio host Howard stern ($85 million), footballer Lionel Messi ($81.5 million), singer Adele ($80.5 million), leading rush Limbaugh ($79 million).

Madonna at the 12th position ($76.5 million), Rihanna – on the 13th ($75 million), Katy Perry – at the 63rd ($41 million). Mingled with the rich ex-boyfriend swift. However, the DJ Calvin Harris with an income of 63 million dollars… ranked only 21st place in the rating.

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