Пронесший российский флаг в Рио Андрей Фомочкин стал героем дня The representative of Belarus supported the Paralympians, who were forbidden to take part in the games. Andrew Fomochkin came to the opening ceremony of the Paralympic games flag of Russia in hand, publicly expressing solidarity with the athletes of the brotherly country. Russians Express a man’s deep gratitude.

      At the opening ceremony of the Paralympics in Rio, an event occurred which is now discussing the whole world. Member of the Belarusian delegation carried the Russian flag, supporting Russian national team which at full strength is not allowed to play.

      Andrew Fomochkin – that is the name of a man who was not afraid to publicly Express emotions of millions of people who disagree with the decision of the International Olympic Committee. Recall, the organization removed the entire Russian team from participation in the competition, despite the fact that erupted earlier doping scandal none of the athletes did not personally appear.

      #Contrary: the country came to the defense of suspended in the Rio Paralympics

      53-year-old athlete is the Director of the Republican centre of Olympic training in athletics. Being a master of sports of international class, Fomochkin knows firsthand how hard it gets this bread. Social media users called his actions heroic in Rio. In light of the political situation, doping scandals and possible sanctions, Andrew and the whole team of Belarus is still not afraid to show the world that they support Russia.

      “This gesture by the members of the Belarusian delegation made in solidarity with the Russian Paralympic team” – supported Fomochkina the President of the Paralympic Committee of Belarus Oleg Shepel. “Brothers do not sell” – said the President Alexander Lukashenko media.

      Social networks exploded with thank-you speeches to the Belarusians. Many Russians moved to tears by an act of the brotherly people.

      “As many goosebumps in this act. I bow to this Man”, “What is good for the Paralympics, looking at them, tears welling up from under what illnesses and injuries they found themselves in power sports and to achieve such success. And how to be rotten, due to political squabbles hurt our whole team. And Belarusians are worthy of great respect”, “Thank you, that’s real brothers,” write the users of the Network.

      Thanks to Andrey Fomochkin already expressed a public persona. Press Secretary of Vladimir Putin delighted with the gesture of the athlete. “This act deserves appreciation, purely human,” said Dmitry Peskov. “Despite the ban on sports bureaucrats, Belarusian athletes unfurled the Russian flag at the opening of the Paralympic games in Brazil. Thank you, brothers,” wrote the showman Sergey Stillavin. “Here it is, a real Man! Andrew Fomochkin,” concluded the host Vladimir Solovyov.

      “Paralympic athletes are the faithful people. The guys have other values. They are living Souls, not money and politics. So would all…” – said the actor Gosha Kutsenko.