«Солнышко дорогое»: Мария Миронова публично обратилась к отцу
Andrei Mironov would have turned 77 years old.

Andrei Mironov’s daughter Maria

Photo: @Instagram mariya_mironova_actress Maria Mironova

March 8, 1941 he was born Andrei Mironov, who conquered the hearts of millions and became a cult actor. If not for a tragic accident, which in 1987 took the life of Folk artist, before he would have turned 77 years old. The memory of Mironov lives in the hearts of a huge number of fans and, of course, family members. His daughter Maria published yesterday together with archival the touching appeal to his father.

“Daddy, sweetie darling, Andrey Mironov, Menaker, you were born on this day, it is the gift of our family all women of the country! Shine forever happily, like you could…” — wrote Mironov in social networks. In addition, Maria did not forget to congratulate women with international women’s day. “Congratulations dear mothers, daughters, grandmothers and sisters!” — she added.

By the way, your blog Maria started relatively recently. She could not understand why the surrounding people spend so much time on social networks. But now she was involved in this process. “I was just wondering what is social media, why is everyone sitting in these phones, this is unthinkable! You want a man to talk, and he all the time in the virtual world. In the end, I now and she write in the social network, but only if there is a reason… But to devote his entire life is not my story,” said Maria 7days.ru.