Шведская принцесса Мадлен снова ждет ребенка
The baby boom in the Swedish Royal family continues.

Swedish Princess Madeleine

Photo: ZumaTASS

As it became known, the youngest daughter of king
Carl XVI
Gustav — 35-year-old Princess Madeleine
again “in position”. Her not yet born child will be the third child
Princess and her husband — Chris O’neill. The couple have already raised
3-year-old Princess Leonor, and 2-year-old Prince Nicholas.

Madeleine previously admitted that he wants
to feed his family. “My husband and I want more children because we both grew up in
a large family. We’re going to have,
at least one and maybe two!” — said the Princess.

The birth of a child, Madeleine will be a continuation
the baby boom, the recent Swedish Royal family.
Because in families the youngest Princess, and her elder sister — crown Princess
Victoria and Madeleine’s brother Prince Carl
Philip’s only in the last five years was born on 5 little princes and
princesses (counting the two children, Madeleine). Princess Victoria became the mother of 5-year-old
Princess Estelle and her year-old Prince Oscar. And the wife of Carl Philip Princess Sophia, who gave birth to him a year ago son — Prince
Alexander, currently, as Madeleine is pregnant again! So the king Carl XVI Gustaf can be absolutely quiet for
the fate of his dynasty. He’s already “with
stock,” provided five young
heirs, but now “on the way” in it — two!