Swami Dashi spoke about the indescribable love

Свами Даши заговорил о неописуемой любви Participant of “Battle of psychics” talks about feelings. According to Swami Dashi, some emotions cannot be described with words, and you can only experience for yourself. In the blog he gives advice to his followers.

      Свами Даши заговорил о неописуемой любви

      One of the most prominent participants of the seventeenth season of the project “Battle of psychics” Swami Dashi lived for many years in India and Tibet. There he absorbed the wisdom of Eastern practices and has acquired many unique skills. According to mystery, he learned from the monks in the Ashram of Osho in Pune. Now Swami is trying to share some views on life and explains that it is necessary often to listen to yourself, to accurately understand feelings and emotions. Swami Dasha thinking about further participation in the “Battle of psychics”

      In the microblog participant of “Battle of psychics” seeks to answer the question: “What is love?” using one of the Zen practices. Swami calls this Coan-a mystery that cannot be solved through logic or reason. According to him, this method has completely changed his life. “All the real is beyond words of expression. In true no wrappers, no nothing. The word – play of mind, a common level of communication, actually a sham, a fake! Over Coan, the master, the disciple meditates over the years, going through the layers of the mind, seeking inner silence, and when the answer comes, there is no effort, work and tension. Then the disciple bows to the Master silently, and leaves the monastery. Even words are not required. They both know,” he told mystic about how to understand the truth.

      According to Dashi, he spent a lot of time to understand what love is. “First, it’s simple: the mind says all that we I learned from society: books, film, the position of parents and friends, and happy you think so. But, going with each new issue more deeply: “What is Love?” all these dogmas are beginning to crumble! You are really asking is: “What is Love”. The answer is no! The sinking heart, thrill the soul, the heartbeat can’t describe any words, ever! Is that possible one day to live in awe, in silence, and finish the experience will nourish us for a lifetime, indefinitely. Only we have to live from the heart, in the mind again the words. And the more they said about it, the faster the experience will be eroded, alas. The knowing silent. So. Therefore, I urge all to stop hiding from ourselves behind the flowery phrases, and common clichés and other glitz. One day to meet yourself and not be afraid of this meeting,” advises Swami.

      Many followers Dasha said that he is completely correct in his judgments, but in today’s world many people don’t even know anything about spirituality. Zen practices of knowledge inside psychic teaches children of the center “Spirit, soul and body”, which often hosts seminars.