Swami Dashi spoke about the feud with Marilyn Kerro

Свами Даши заговорил о вражде с Мэрилин Керро A master of Oriental practices to clarify their attitude to the Estonian witch. According to some fans of “the battle of psychics”, Dashi and Kerro constantly competing for leadership on the project. The man was told in his microblog that he really feels for Marilyn.

      Swami Dashi and Marilyn Kerro – one of the most powerful participants of the new season of “Battle of psychics.” From the mysterious wizard of the Eastern practices and the redheaded witch a lot of fans who discuss the new series of programs of the channel TNT in social networks. Some viewers believe that Kerro and Dasha fight among themselves, because they want to become winners in the end of the show.

      What do we know about the mysterious Swami Dashi

      Recently Swami Dasha made a post in his microblog, in which he clarified his attitude to the Estonian witch. He also has told that considers Kerro good psychic.

      “Special edition for fans. Colleagues, I read your comments, especially in the “Battle of psychics” and sensitive about***l, why are you so throw something?! Huh?! You ask! If you think that Mary’s enemies, you are very wrong, very! Do not put everything on rails heatersthe stupid and d***planes you want. For me personally, this is not hot and not cold, still the best win or the one who is destined. Mary strong psychic and a good person so nothing personal I do not have, and even if I did, who I am… In sports and life are not welcome intrigue, only fair. So from today I have banned any personal comments. Got that?! Happy for you…” – said Swami Dashi.

      Followers were quick to wish the master of Oriental good luck and expressed his admiration. “You are a very strong person! Those who write nasty things, just do not realize the essence of the program. Go ahead and continue to inspire us with his ability, I’ll be rooting for you in the end” “Thank you for coming to the project and provide an opportunity to observe and learn. Mary is adorable, and her accent is so smiling!”, “Let us live in peace”, “I like You very much, nice to see your work,” “one way out – do not read comments, there will always be love and hate, good and evil,” was discussed by the fans of Dasha.

      Why Marilyn Kerro disliked the “Battle of psychics”

      By the way, in a recent issue of “Battle of psychics” the star of the show told about bereavement. As a rule, Swami Dashi rarely shares with viewers the details of his life, preferring to remain silent on the family. About the psychic knows that he is married and has four children. Therefore, the recognition of Dashi that he suffered a great tragedy, surprised his fans. “I lost my parents”, – the man told one of the heroes of the program in a private conversation.