Swami Dashi spoke about bereavement.

Свами Даши заговорил о тяжелой утрате Psychic plunged into memories. Swami Dashi admitted that he quite lost the closest people – parents. Despite the fact that a man prefers not to dwell on his life, he decided to open a family drama.

      The next series of the 17th season of the popular program “the Battle of psychics” helped the participants to transfer the characters using the mediums and magicians to understand what is happening in their lives. Despite the fact that the participants of the project reveal the secrets and give their visitors some of the events of their biographies, the contenders in the TV show tell about their secret stories. After brilliantly passed the tests one of the strongest psychics of the season Swami Dashi personally talked to the hero. In a private conversation, he described a family who had applied to him for help men, and also admitted that he suffered a great tragedy. What do we know about the mysterious Swami Dashi

      “I also lost parents very early,” said Swami, stressing that such situation helps him fully understand the feelings of men who asked for his advice.

      This recognition surprised the entire audience. A psychic tries to speak less about their loved ones, believing that this information should not be disclosed publicly. “I love solitude and silence, they find their lives and the lives of their families are taboo to others. Names, dates, specific information, give people an extra opportunity to penetrate the protective barrier that I painstakingly created many years, to protect yourself and your family from strangers,” observed Swami.

      Once again Dashi brilliantly coped with all tasks and successfully passed the test of the next series of the project. Moreover, his words moved to tears heroes whose stories had to deal with psychics. They believed the information conveyed to them thanks to Swami for his abilities. The experts recognized the best mystery in the series.

      Despite the fact that the psychic not so long ago thought about the need for participation in the TV show, he in all probability decided to go to the end, although each time it is given to him is not easy.

      “Test. Every time after watching a new release, inside the hollows the question: “Why do you need it?!”, a sort of internal koan! A quantum leap of consciousness, which happened last week, when observing their reactions to everything that was happening around, only part of the realization of the great process going on inside me. I call it the infinite compassion of the Buddha” – shared his thoughts the man with fans on the social network.