Свами Даши признался, как поборол алкогольную зависимость The winner of the seventeenth season frankly told about the stages of life and purification in the book “Rebirth. Soulless spirituality.” The man noted that he began otherwise to see the world after he recovered from addiction.
Свами Даши признался, как поборол алкогольную зависимость

The star of “the battle of psychics” Dasha Swami travels around the country with workshops, which helps people to understand themselves, to rethink what is happening in their lives, to get rid of internal negativity and correct psychological state. To convey their thoughts to more people, mystic decided to release an autobiographical book.

What do we know about the mysterious Swami Dashi

In “Rebirth. Spiritless spirituality,” he recalls the moment when he felt that he sees the subtle worlds and energies. “I intuitively knew something was opened in me that day. My eyes began to see otherwise. The case became for me like a beacon, signal flare that momentarily lit coming my way,” – said the psychic, announcing the future of work.

The book will be presented in Moscow on 24 may, however, at the disposal of “StarHit” appeared to be fragments of the first Chapter, in which Dasha tells how he was trying to recover from alcoholism. Many years ago a man realized that no funds are not helping him abandon alcohol.

“It all started with the fact that I found myself in the most severe drinking bout, which, alas, are no longer measured in days. My life at that time consisted of a fabulous “broken trough”. I lost everything. I lost my friends. I lost my family. I lost myself. I understood that die. Then I was not yet thirty,” writes Swami.
Свами Даши признался, как поборол алкогольную зависимость

As recognized man, then he knew nothing about the practices of alternative medicine, so I decided to arrange 40-day starvation on the system of Field Bragg. According to Dashi, he was afraid of nothing, because they believed that the worse his life will become.

“If I knew that I would have… But I didn’t know anything and boldly relied on his “gut”, which is now called intuition. I knew that jumping from ten meters without a parachute. But I was not afraid to risk his life, because at that time I managed to turn it into a living hell,” recalls the mystic.

According to Swami, forty days locked up without contact with people helped him rethink many things. Despite the physical discomfort, he was able to gain a certain purity of thought and learn to meditate. Gradually Dasha improved skills and revealed a lot about his mind.

Свами Даши признался, как поборол алкогольную зависимость