Swami Dasha spoke on the topic of victory in the “Battle of psychics”

Свами Даши высказался на тему победы в «Битве экстрасенсов» A psychic has shared her experiences with the subscribers of his microblog. Despite the fact that many fans of the popular project are confident in the victory of the Dasha, it is not so much confident in their own abilities. Work helps Swami to distract from different thoughts.

      Swami Dashi is one of the most enigmatic and prominent participants of the new season of “Battle of psychics.” In a show of TNT channel psychic made a good showing with the first series of the project. It easily passes a difficult test and amazes everyone with his extraordinary abilities. Dasha large army of fans who passionately cheer for your favorite contestant and texting him words of support on social networks.

      However, the master of the Eastern practices are not so much confident in their capabilities. The man frankly admitted that doubts herself. Just work allows Dasha to escape from various experiences. Swami sincerely devoted to his cause.

      “Today is about God. My God – it’s my job! This is an individual session, it is my seminars and workshops and, of course, it’s my meditation… Sometimes, especially now, I think: let them not win, let them pop and damage, but… I Have left the meditation! It is really so. Osho, you are my Master and I love you. And in this love I meet God, meet yourself, and watch as the highest, without names, is in me, cleansing, healing of all dirt and turbidity, and becomes good. It’s just good! I wish everyone to find him, his God, his meditation, serve, and cherish inside the Light from which we came and where are we going… Just visiting planet Earth” – shared the psychic in his microblog.

      Members of the participant of the popular project supported him and thanked him for the wise words. “Thank you, Dasha, I admire you”, “You’re a peculiar man who helps people, thank you for being there, and I believe in your victory”, “You are simply stunning! Everyone knows that the victory in any case should be yours, good Luck and all the best! Let the best man win”, “you were always fun to watch! What you are doing, makes you admire”, “I love you”, “Beautifully written,” was discussed by the fans of the psychic.

      Note that fans of “the battle of psychics” also produce Marilyn Kerro. Estonian witch became a member of the project for the third time. At that time, as some viewers greeted the return of kerro, while others began to criticize it. Some fans of the program believe that Marilyn and Swami feuding with each other. But, as recently revealed, it is far from the truth. Swami Dashi spoke about the feud with Marilyn Kerro