Swami Dasha became the initiator of the scandal on the plane

Свами Даши стал инициатором скандала в самолете
After the victory in the “battle of the psychics” Swami Dasha disappeared from a field of view of a journalist.

Свами Даши стал инициатором скандала в самолете

Swami has organized workshops, which should contribute to healing the soul and body.

Seminars are held in various cities of Russia, and the medium often has to fly the plane.

Свами Даши стал инициатором скандала в самолете

Some time ago in the Internet appeared the video shot by the singer Athena, which shows that Swami Dashi scandal on Board the aircraft, wishing to occupy some empty seats.

“There are autogamy, but still there are aircraft louts, what type of cattle it is native, and sick of these comrades. Well, to make it clearer, I gave the family with a baby, and she sat on the free number, after 15 minutes, the monster (a person, especially a man, not to call it that) is blatantly the village to the place and said: “Come girl, here I’m going to sleep!” And he didn’t care that I gave my place baby, and I’m a woman, and that it is not his place. He called the senior flight attendant, and she told him culturally explained: you go, uncle, on the street, if you are not satisfied with something. Expressing human gratitude to Mathew from the Board!” – told Athena.

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