Swami Dasha accepts congratulations with the victory in the “Battle of psychics”

Свами Даши принимает поздравления с победой в «Битве экстрасенсов» Despite the fact that the final production of the seventeenth season of transmission has not yet aired, Internet users have two days of happy for the mysticism of St. Petersburg. Judging by the pictures, which were divided by those present at the shooting people, the main prize goes to Swami.

      Last Saturday in Moscow were shooting the final issue of “Battle of psychics.” In an old mansion gathered finalists of the Marilyn Kerro, Swami Dashi, Nadezhda Shevchenko, and Darius Voskoboeva. To support the strong four psychics arrived witches and wizards involved earlier in this project. This time the winner of the battle were selected by voting through the app “TNT-CLUB”.

      After some time in the night from Saturday to Sunday, the Network began to appear the first results of which were announced by the psychics who came to the tournament as group support. They are also shared photos with Swami Dashi, which holds the main prize “the battle of psychics”, a statuette in the form of blue crystal hand.

      On one of the videos, posted by guests of the filming of the finale can rassmotrite that the crowd starts to clap and shout greetings as soon as in front of them appears a mystic of St. Petersburg. Throughout the season fans have argued who is stronger – Marilyn Kerro or Swami Dashi. Likely that this time the creators of the show have prepared many surprises. Fans of the TV show wonder, could this time to establish two prizes. Because, in their opinion, Marilyn is a worthy contender for the award. What other surprises are waiting for viewers, will be announced at 20: 00 on 24 December in the air that will show on the TNT channel.

      By the way, Kerro also received attention from the guests shots. When she came out after the results were announced, Alexander Sheps kissed her to the applause of the crowd and shouts “Bitterly”. Marilyn could not help but respond to such an act the young man. Kerro and Sheps showed passionate kisses in the finale “the battle of psychics”

      In microblog, the girl left a meaningful post. “Not important “crystal hand”, a woman needs warm arms that embrace her. If you have any, you’ve already won, won of life,” said the Estonian witch, uploading a picture with Alexander.

      While participating in the project Swami was registered in social networks and was trying to convey to their followers the secrets of their body, thinking about how to breathe correctly, whether to show aggression, and how to restore the balance. Very often the mystic who has studied Indian practices, shared their experiences. Participation in the “Battle of psychics” was given to Swami is not easy, as it’s not used to being in full view of a large audience, however, he did. Swami Dasha spoke on the topic of victory in the “Battle of psychics”