Светлана Зейналова станет мамой во второй раз
It turned out the reason the TV presenter left the project “Voice. Children.”

Svetlana Zeynalov

Became known
the reason Svetlana Zeynalov has ceased to be a co-presenter Dmitry Nagiyev
in the show “the Voice. Children.” According to insiders the star of “Good morning” awaits
the child, therefore, decided to temporarily reduce professional stress. Knowledgeable
the source assures that the estimated addition to the family of the stars will be held
summer. The father of the future baby is the civil husband Svetlana: Dmitry,
who conquered Zeynalov touching concern for her daughter Alexandra from
features of the development.

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“Mitya younger
for several years, and I was terribly confused. We worked together, he sometimes
fit, nice chatting, but no more. Once you get a TEXT from him: “Come after
salaries somewhere to go?” And it’s all such positive — sober and
non-smokers. Think: why would I? Remember, this post is in response dashed: “Find
a young blonde girl with high Breasts that will look at you with
an open mouth! It’s not me, you know? I have a child with autism, a mortgage… I
drank and sleep! All,” said Zeynalov in an exclusive interview to the magazine “Karavan
stories”. — Honestly, I was sure that Mitya
won’t come back. But he called: “Gathered clothes and food for you forever.” And since
since living with us. Ex-husband comes once a week. Communicates with Sasha. Now
tries to understand her inner world. It is difficult for him, but he really tries.
Sasha believes that she has a dad Alex and dad Mitya. And only one mom!”

Recall that Zeinalov in the children’s “Voice” was replaced by Agata muceniece. “Threat
work… the Dragon again took the co-host Dmitry Nagiyev, but we found him a new! In
fifth anniversary season of the project to the team “Voice.Children” joins
actress Agatha muceniece — smart, beautiful, supportive wife and
mother! Welcome aboard, mA’am,” — said the organizers of the project.