Svetlana Zeynalov went on maternity leave

Светлана Зейналова ушла в декретный отпуск Very soon, the famous TV presenter, will become a mother for the second time. Svetlana Zeynalov continued to work up until the last month of pregnancy. Recently, however, the woman no longer aired. Friday’s show pre-recorded special “Voice. Children” with the participation Zeynalova.
Светлана Зейналова ушла в декретный отпуск

40-year-old Svetlana Zeynalov is preparing for the replenishment of the family. Soon the presenter’s second child is born. In anticipation of the joyous event the woman decided to go on maternity leave.

Recently the program “Good morning,” joined the native of Saratov, Anastasiya Orlova. Roman Budnikov has laid out a joint picture with her in the microblog. “In half an hour live in Vladivostok. Meet,” wrote leading social networks. Anastasia thanked Roman and other colleagues for their support.

“This morning would not be so perfect without those who helped me. And, above all, is Valery Knyazev, Roman Budnikov, Yulia Golubeva. Thank you for everything, for everything, for everything!.. I will never forget your support. And all the people who helped me to prepare for the first live broadcast on the First, everyone who threw their case, redraw the schedule, fled from the airport. (…) You are wonderful!”, – said Orlov on Instagram.
Светлана Зейналова ушла в декретный отпуск

Subscribers Anastasia congratulated her and wished them further success. “I knew it! Good”, “debut”, “good for you”, “it Was evident that worried, but tried very hard”, “Wow”, commented the followers of a young woman. Before becoming host of the program “Good morning,” Orlov worked on the channel a NEG. She led the evening news and summary information-analytical program “Reflection of the week”.

At the same time, the namesake Orlova Anastasia Tregubova soon goes to work after the birth of her third child. 30 January, Kim’s daughter, Nika. 7-year-old Michael and 11-year-old Lisa was eagerly waiting for sister. Live large mom show on Wednesday. “Maternity leave is over! The flying mood and the air!” – Tregubova wrote on Instagram.

Another host of “Good morning” Olga Ushakova has not yet recovered from maternity leave. The young woman gave birth as recently as mid-April. “Nine months after the wedding, our miracle was born. They say that children conceived on the honeymoon, be happy. Let it be so” – shared Ushakov. Despite the interesting position, Olga continued their usual lifestyle and shared information about his health in social networks.

Colleagues Svetlana Zeynalova support it, and fans wish she would come back on the air. About how long the TV will stay on vacation is still unknown. By the way, this Friday on the First channel will show a big special edition of “the Voice. Children” dedicated to the fifth anniversary of the TV show. It is known that one of the leading programs, along with Valeria Lanskaya, Anastasia Chevazhevsky and Agatha muceniece became Zeynalov. The program was filmed before she went on maternity leave.