Светлана Зейналова преобразила «особенную» дочь The presenter took the girl to the beauty salon. Svetlana Zeynalov was impressed by the fact that Alexander became interested in cosmetics. She posted a fun video where the child admiring herself in the mirror.

Svetlana Zeynalova has a daughter Alexandra. When she was six years old, she was diagnosed with autism. Some time later, the marriage broke up TV presenter with her husband Aleksey Plastovym. The woman did not hide the fact that she’s hard one to raise a child. She had to work to provide everything she might need, as well as to pay for treatment and training.

Svetlana tries to do everything to Sasha lived a full life. She gladly attends various events with a famous mother. Recently Zeynalov took eight-year-old to a beauty salon to straighten the girl’s bangs. However, Sasha there is so much that she decided to do makeup.

“Girls are born such. The desire to be beautiful in us is indestructible! We came to the beauty salon to cut the bangs, and as a result have put a full beauty!” – Zeynalov wrote in the microblog.
Светлана Зейналова преобразила «особенную» дочь

Followers supported the celebrity. They were happy that the girl fell into the hands of professionals and under the supervision of mothers trying different cosmetics. “Svetlana, you have a lovely daughter! Belle already knows how to direct beauty,” “And all in one color. But the tuning of the eyebrows is something, taking into service”, “Svetlana, what a joy – daughter and clever, and beautiful, so joyful to look at you, to see you. Sasha is our all beloved is not a special child, she’s her own person and very independent good for you”, – shared his opinion of the subscribers of the presenter.

Svetlana is now on maternity leave awaiting her second child, and is thus able to spend all the time with the family. Soon Sasha will be a big sister. Zeynalov adores his child. Svetlana Zeynalov presented the elect

“The artist, artist, lazy, lover little Pony, pizza and milkshakes, fond of parties and pretty dresses, puffy rolls and shifty eyes. I’m a daughter and I know being a girl is not easy, a lot of requirements to everything: shape, strength of will, beauty, intelligence, character… are You “that to be successful and beloved.” But really it should just be herself! And this is the hard part. Daughter! Believe me, ahead of us is the most beautiful! And every year we are better and prettier. And all are doing great! And our daughter is a striking confirmation,” – said TV presenter.