Svetlana Zeynalov spoke about his “special” daughter

Светлана Зейналова рассказала о своей "особенной" дочке
Popular TV presenter Svetlana Zeynalova has a daughter Sasha.

Светлана Зейналова рассказала о своей "особенной" дочке

Only recently Svetlana has decided to tell about the difficult fate of his beloved daughter.

Светлана Зейналова рассказала о своей "особенной" дочке

It turned out, the girl is autistic and requires special attention.

According to the leading to be the mother of a “special” child is very hard, many refer to these children in a certain way.

“At some point, tired of telling everyone that my daughter just complex. So, you are ashamed of your own child, afraid to admit that there is a big problem that need to learn to live. I told him about our diagnosis in an interview deliberately to the people with whom Sasha talking, started to take to her began to take society to the state, in turn, is conscious of his responsibilities towards it,” – said Zeynalov.

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