Светлана Зейналова показала первое фото новорожденной дочки
40-year-old TV presenter became a mom for the second time.

Svetlana Zeynalov with the baby

Photo: @svetlanazey Instagram Svetlana Zeynalova

Svetlana Zeynalov announced the birth of her second child. The baby was born on may 27, but said the 40-year-old TV presenter about the new addition just two days after giving birth. Svetlana was born another girl. A happy mom shares her impressions from the happy event:

“Mitka (choice presenter — approx. ed.) was crying, as all the iron men, who for the first time keep happiness wrapped in a simple flannel diaper… I sincerely thank the great doctors, your lover and God for all that he felt and lived. It was perfect!”

Svetlana frankly admitted that birth, although it passed without complications, caused her storm of emotions. “I ran in a panic through the corridors, yelling that I was afraid and demanded to stop the process… But I can’t put into a mental hospital, and just made happy,” says Zeynalova.

Svetlana does not believe in omens, so have bought everything you need for baby. Let’s remind, that about pregnancy of one of the most charismatic leading First channel became known in January. Even then, despite the short period, she decided to reduce activity at work and left the show “the Voice. Children”, which was conducted together with Dmitry nagievym (recently Svetlana admitted that it was emotionally difficult for her period). On the competition it was replaced by Agata muceniece.

However, Zeynalov continued to transmit “Good morning”, and only in the beginning of this week she announced that she was leaving on maternity leave. The father of the unborn child Svetlana — its civil husband Dmitry. Unlike ex-husband, program Director of “Nashe radio” Alexei Glazatova, new choice Zeynalova is on good terms with her 8-year-old daughter Alexandra (the girl has a particular in development).