Svetlana Zeynalov proud of the successes of the “special” daughter

Светлана Зейналова гордится успехами «особенной» дочери The presenter is doing everything in order to eight-year-old Sasha was happy. The heiress Svetlana Zeynalova grows very creative. The girl has a perfect memory, she loves to learn and play the roles of the whole work.
Светлана Зейналова гордится успехами «особенной» дочери

Known TV presenter Svetlana Zeynalov, not so long ago, made a Frank admission, saying that her daughter a year and a half, the doctors gave the diagnosis of “autism”. Then, a few years ago, the star has experienced a real shock. Around the same time from Zeynalova left the husband, the father of the little Sasha. This period was very difficult in the life of Svetlana, morally and financially. Many in this situation turn in on themselves, but this presenter did not do. About problems and achievements in the education of “special” daughter, she said openly. Ex-husband of Svetlana Zeynalova seeking contact with the “special” child

Светлана Зейналова гордится успехами «особенной» дочери“When we found out that we have problems, once it became clear that others will respond to us differently – some will accept, some will repudiate, someone will not want to sit near us in the restaurant – shared Svetlana Zeynalov in his interview to the program “a Perfect repair”. – It was a difficult and traumatic moments for me, and for Sasha, because she understands everything. But in some period I realized – Yes you can, most importantly, to my daughter it was good.”

Relatives, friends and colleagues say that she is a wonderful mother. She was able to make Sasha was allowed to let into your world not just her. The girl communicates with her mother’s aunt, is also well-known TV presenter Irada Zeynalova, loves to go visiting the grandparents.

Svetlana said that her daughter has a phenomenal memory. Sasha loves to memorize and then play the role the whole works. For the crew of the “Ideal fixation” girl amazing read “the silly little Mouse” by Samuil Marshak.

“Sasha has a perfect memory, her quite a few times to listen to or read and she will remember the piece by heart, – says Svetlana Zeynalov. It is a feature of children with autism memory and the system thinking they have a systematic and structured. Sasha must clearly understand what she’s doing, she needs algorithm. She is a creative child, sings well. Able to read and write – no problem with that. There are difficulties with mathematics, there was a kind of spatial thinking”.

The presenter is very committed to his sole heir. Sasha is studying in a regular school, she rides on the rollers, is able to stay in the saddle, not bad at swimming. And very soon Zeynalova intends to put the daughter on skis.