Svetlana Zeynalov presented the elect

Светлана Зейналова представила своего избранника TV presenter for a long time concealed beloved. Svetlana Zeynalov admitted that Mitya a few years younger than her. She admires the fact that he does not drink or smoke and loves her daughter Alexandra.

Almost three years ago TV presenter Svetlana Zeynalov told the whole country that has a daughter Alexandra, which was diagnosed with autism. The native girl’s father could not stand the burden of responsibility for the child, which requires special attention and left the family. However, there was a man who loved her and took the baby. For several years Zeynalov was hiding the elect, not even mentioning his name. However, she decided to have a Frank conversation.

As it turned out, Mitya a few years younger than Svetlana – they met at work. When he started the presenter’s attention, she didn’t want to accept his advances and advised to find another girl. But Mitya did not give up – he came to her house, played with Sasha. Svetlana Zeynalov proud of the successes of the “special” daughter

“At first I did not understand: why a talented young guy from a good family such problems? Said mit directly: “If you want to live with us, this is no joke. Because Sasha looks at you, she gets used to you, and you’re either with us or don’t come. She can’t answer for my mistakes. Already one man has gone out of her life…” – said TV presenter.

Svetlana was sure after these words, the man just disappear forever from her life. However, it was the opposite – he Packed up and moved in with her daughter. Zeynalov surprised that Mitya was able to find a common language with Sasha. Even my own father can’t communicate with the child.

Svetlana recalls that at the critical moment the dad and daughter left her alone with their problem. He rented an apartment and left, promising that when she grows up, perhaps he will return to his family. However, immediately after breaking up with Svetlana, he immediately began an affair with a colleague in front of her. The woman thought that must “survive” his ex-wife. Zeynalova was lucky she still works at the same place, and the ex-spouse and the mistress resigned. The TV presenter said in an interview to “Caravan of stories” that once a week a man visits the daughter.

“You know, Alex was many things – both good and bad. Perhaps, to forgive each other we will never understand but will always be grateful to him for the incredible school of life and Sasha – my main wealth. This allows you to communicate to us as adults, intelligent people,” admitted Svetlana.

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