Svetlana Zeynalov no longer hide the pregnancy

Светлана Зейналова перестала скрывать беременность Leading will soon become a mother. At the beginning of year it became known that Svetlana left the team “Voice. Children.” The Network discussed that the star is in an interesting position, but then she did not confirm this fact.
Светлана Зейналова перестала скрывать беременность

Svetlana Zeynalov left the program “the Voice. Children” in the new season. Her place was taken by the star of the series “Closed school” Agata muceniece. Fans suspected that the ex-presenter is in an interesting position. According to sources, Zeynalov is going to become a mother for the second time, so she decided to limit the professional duty refused several tempting offers.

TV presenter decided not to comment on the rumors. Today, however, celebrity was published on the personal page in social networks touching photos. To them she appears with a rounded belly. Star mother posed along with her older daughter.

“We have a photo shoot. Two thick model” – ironically signed photograph of a presenter.
Светлана Зейналова перестала скрывать беременность

Svetlana Zeynalov first became a mother in 2009. At leading and her husband Alexei Glazatova daughter, Alexandra. When she was eighteen months old, doctors diagnosed her with autism. After a few years of marriage, the celebrity parted ways with her husband. Svetlana did not hide that it was hard for her after the departure of the husband. Zeynalov has not refused any project in which she was offered to participate to pay for the treatment, education and recreation for my daughter.

Over a long period of time Zeynalov preferred not to talk about the difficulties of stolknulis in education Alexandra. Only three years ago Svetlana broke the silence and spoke about his daughter. According to her, Sasha is growing up an active girl. She even took to the catwalk under the approving applause of the guests. “It was chaos, even wanted to leave… But for Sasha was very important to go on stage! Now we have to win Paris, London, new York… it is small!” – told Svetlana in the microblog. Svetlana Zeynalov brought “special” daughter on the podium

Personal life leading after parting with Alexei Glazatova also adjusted. She met a new suitor who won her heart. According to Svetlana, his name is Dmitry, he’s a few years younger than her. The beloved does not prevent the age difference.

Светлана Зейналова перестала скрывать беременность