Svetlana Zeynalov gave parents a luxurious living room

Светлана Зейналова подарила родителям роскошную гостиную The TV presenter was struck by a loved ones design suburban cottages. Svetlana Zeynalov with the help of the program “a Perfect repair” has changed nest beyond recognition. The specialists at star set a very difficult task – to arrange a room in a classic style, but with rustic “patina”.
Светлана Зейналова подарила родителям роскошную гостиную

Svetlana Zeynalov called one of the most cheerful and positive anchors in our country. She is an open person, very loving your family and parents. For their loved ones – mom Galina and dad Avtandil Svetlana decided to make a surprise in the form of repairing their old suburban cottages, where the star likes to come. Svetlana Zeynalov spoke about the problems in the education of “special” daughter

The rearrangement of the family nest started with the biggest room in the house – from the living room.

“We need a good renovation in classical style but with a rustic touch, without pathos, set Svetlana Zeynalov task before the leader of the “Ideal repair” Natasha Barbier. And still I dream of two armchairs with high backs, to put them by the fireplace. You know, like in the movie about Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson”.
Светлана Зейналова подарила родителям роскошную гостиную

“And I want it to be nice and cozy. To be able to come visit, drink tea and get pleasure from the fact that we are in our house,” added father Avtandil Svetlana Zeynalov.

For the repair of the room is 25 square meters, the designers proposed the project in soft green tones with original frescoes.

By the way, the presenter announced the day before in the microblog the output of the program with their participation by posting some pictures of the new interior. “A perfect repair” came to visit us. I will say this – it was a memorable month, when every day we ate kebabs, and every day watched the miracle of turning the beast into a beauty,” wrote Svetlana Zeynalov in the microblog.

Old plastic Windows in the room changed to aluminum. It is believed that they are cold, but it’s not. They are as warm as wood or plastic. But at the same time more durable.

The main attraction of the room is the fireplace. It was designed by the father of Svetlana Zeynalova. The designers decided to leave it in place a little updating. The walls are painted with water-based paint, its color reminiscent of the leaves of the young sage. Separate space allocated for Wallpaper with hand-painted. Such coatings decorated the homes of Europeans in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

Decoration of the room was stylish sofa, it unfolds and is created in a very comfortable bed. Satin pillows on it resonate with the curtains. Plain curtains are made from satin emerald shade. Another Drapes – velvet. Different textures create a game and color depth.

The room came with fireplace and armchairs in the style of Sherlock Holmes. It wanted Svetlana Zeynalov, they have a high backrest and comfortable fit. New buffets natural wood is the owner’s collection of porcelain. Designer TV built into the wall and looks like a mirror. For photos ordered a new wooden moldings. A bed on the floor rug is handmade of genuine Merino wool Kandahar. The owners of the house in my updated living room and fell in love at first sight.

“I never thought that a green wall can be so warm. Thanks to all who worked. Such beauty has never been here. See that room parents like they are happy and that makes me feel good!” – shared emotions Svetlana Zeynalov.