Svetlana Zeynalov first showed newborn daughter

Светлана Зейналова впервые показала новорожденную дочь The TV host posted on the social network touching the frame with the baby. Svetlana Zeynalov admitted that now she’s only interested in a small child. Fans came to the conclusion that the young woman is incredibly happy.
Светлана Зейналова впервые показала новорожденную дочь

27 may 2018 Svetlana Zeynalov became a mother for the second time. She gave birth to a girl, what hastened to tell the fans in Instagram. Then the star confessed that her beloved Dmitri cried with joy when I first held my baby.

Now Svetlana decided to share with fans a picture of a newborn. And let it see only half face girls, subscribers TV presenter were still coming to rapture.

“Hey, if I ate and went to sleep. Mom went into a condition called “I’m ready to discuss only the color of the chair and I don’t care. Policy? Culture? Education reform? Never heard of it”, – has signed a frame Zeynalov.

Apparently, the young woman just in awe of what happened replenishment. It is clearly not going to withdraw from maternity leave and spends all his spare time with a newborn daughter.

Fans were delighted from touching the frame. They noted that Svetlana literally glow from happiness. “The most delicious and fragrant ball of happiness in your hands! And the rest can wait”, “What an incredible baby, just wonderful”, “This is a wonderful state of absolute harmony. I want to wish you health,” wrote fans Zeynalova.

Recall that the TV presenter is quite a long time hid the pregnancy. She didn’t want unnecessary discussions around their interesting situation. Zeynalov prefers not to discuss personal life. She is now happy in a relationship with a lover named Dmitry, who is a few years younger stars.

Also Svetlana has a daughter from a previous relationship. Little Sasha at an early age was diagnosed with autism. According to the presenter, she had a lot to do to educate one “special” daughter after breaking up with her husband.

Now Sasha is the chief assistant and friend Zeynalova. Recently a young woman told me that often conflicts with the girl, but he loves her more than life itself.

“I love our hugs! Here we are, ten minutes ago were fighting five minutes ago we were fighting two minutes ago both roared. And then love each other, cuddling, eating ice cream and lying in bed. And so every day! And it’s called family! We really miss each other when you are not close to” – shared TV presenter.

For many fans Zeynalov is a real example to follow. They respect the stars that she was able to withstand numerous tests, and became a successful career on television.