Svetlana Ustinenko had surgery

Светлана Устиненко перенесла операцию The star of “House-2” is located in the cancer center in serious condition. After several courses of chemotherapy, which failed, Svetlana Ustinenko was operated in one of capital clinics.

      Светлана Устиненко перенесла операцию

      One of the most interesting member of “House-2” Svetlana Ustinenko continue to struggle with a brain tumor. Doctors diagnosed the star of the disappointing diagnosis – glioblastoma – an aggressive form of cancer.

      One and a half years the woman is trying to do everything possible to recover. However, according to its environment, courses of chemotherapy, which he endured Svetlana gave only temporary results. The tumor continued to grow. Therefore, the 47-year-old ex-member of telestroyki after consultations with doctors made a difficult decision – she went to surgery. As it became known, the most difficult time is behind us. Ustinenko underwent surgery in one of the capital’s Oncology center.

      Svetlana Ustinenko: “because of the deterioration I had to go back to chemotherapy”

      We will remind, in the autumn of 2014, Ustinenko right in the “perimeter” of telestroyki fainted. Then she blamed it on stress, and only later, when the state began to deteriorate, found that it is actually much more serious. Doctors diagnosed the woman with a brain tumor in the third stage. Thanks to incredible willpower Svetlana, intensive treatment, and care of loved ones, in her condition for some time testified to positive dynamics. But then came the regression.

      Surgery to remove glioblastoma was successful. According to information LifeNews, now ex-participant of “House-2” is undergoing rehabilitation. The doctors have done everything possible and now we hope for the recovery of the patient. Svetlana’s condition is estimated as heavy. Next to her is her family.

      It is worth noting that the star of the reality show for quite a long time felt with varying degrees of success. Apparently, the surgery could not be avoided. “Unfortunately, we have now started some deterioration, she said in an interview with “StarHit” in the beginning of the year. – New year’s eve an hour before the holiday I became ill and even had to call an ambulance. All, of course, scared, but after the arrival of the doctors was better, and the New year I met with my family at the holiday table. With the youngest son of Gegham, Aliani, Sasha and Robic.”

      Relatives and friends of the Ustinenko believe that the removal of the tumor will bring about positive results, and Svetlana finally wins a terrible disease.

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