Svetlana Ustinenko died after a long illness

Светлана Устиненко скончалась после продолжительной болезни On the death of the woman said her daughter Aliana Gobozova. The girl said that the heart of her mother stopped today. For two long years, Svetlana Ustinenko was fighting cancer, but the disease was stronger.

      Светлана Устиненко скончалась после продолжительной болезни

      Today was not the Svetlana Ustinenko. Shocking news appeared on the page of her daughter Aliana Golosovoy in the social network. The girl informed the subscribers about the death of a beloved mother, posting a photo of her. The post ex-participant of TV project “Dom-2” imbued with pain and bitterness.

      “Today, your heart stopped… But you’ll be forever in our hearts and souls my bright, tender, kind, sincere mommy… Mom, do you hear, I feel bad without you… I love you more than life, I love you like no other… I’m always here, I feel you… I Ask all concerned to read along with me “Prayer for the soul of” slaves of God, Fatini,” wrote Aliana.

      For a long time Svetlana was fighting cancer of the brain. The woman underwent several courses of chemotherapy and had several operations and even turned to folk medicine. In a conversation with “StarHit” the mother Aliani Golosovoy has admitted that it wants to win and will try all means to get out.

      In may of this year Svetlana Ustinenko did a second operation to remove the tumor, but the improvements it brought. After surgery she was in a serious condition. The woman worried for his health and was totally devastated. “I don’t know what was done to me – shared Ustinenko. – I did not see or hear, are in total disarray… Thanks to my daughter and cousin, who came from Volgograd and helps me, sits with me. Money to buy the medicine I was prescribed an expensive tool, the rate of which is 100 thousand rubles, and you need to take it every month. Of course, it is very heavy for my daughter and the amount. What will happen to me – I don’t know… My life is over”. Svetlana Ustinenko: “After the operation I did not see or hear”

      All this time near Ustinenko were her beloved daughter Aliana, son of Alexander Gobozov and his mother Olga Vasilievna. They made every effort to keep the disease Svetlana retreated. “StarHit” expresses sincere condolences to the family Aliani Golosovoy.

      We caught up with Irina Agibalova – eks-the participant “Houses-2” has learned the news about Svetlana Ustinenko from mutual friends and was very worried about her condition. Irina said that on the death of a friend learned this afternoon from friends.

      “Last time I saw the Light six months ago on the program when she was at the treatment of collected money. She was hoping to recover, after the treatment just a week in the mountains, the tumor decreased in two times. She wanted to go there again for a longer period. But the treatment did not help her. Today, I our mutual friend reported that the Lights did not. She recently was unconscious. The paramedics came, but all was in vain. Despite the fact that in her hometown she could be treated under the quota, the whole family chose to Light was in the capital here and other drugs, and care better. But recently she moved from Moscow to Volgograd. I really hard from the news of the death. Eliane, I have not called to Express condolences. I think she’s just not up to it, don’t want her to worry”, – said the “StarHit” Irina Aleksandrovna.

      For a long time “StarHit” consistently reported changes in health status Svetlana Ustinenko. At all stages of treatment the former participant of the reality show shared the details of what exactly is her struggle with a serious illness. It is known that at some point, the family Ustinenko even went to Jeanne Friske, when she was still alive. Svetlana told me that talking about treatment she had with Dmitry Shepelev. He shared with the woman the experience of her family, conclusions which he and his wife did while trying to defeat the disease.

      “Dima told me that they did not do any chemo, because it makes the body, – told “StarHit” Svetlana Ustinenko. All methods aimed at enhancing immunity. They were in China and in America. Plus he told me where to buy the nanovaccines, which helped Jeanne. It was experimental, Jeanne tried it on your own risk, and the medication helped.”

      Thanks to the support of family members, friends and colleagues on the famous telestroke, Ustinenko sincerely believed in the possibility to recover and start life. However, the miracle did not happen.