Svetlana Ustinenko: cancer part daughter and fading hope

Светлана Устиненко: борьба с раком, участие дочери и угасающая надежда On the death of the former participants of the TV project “Dom-2” became known yesterday evening. For two years the woman had done everything to recover from cancer, but the disease was stronger. “StarHit” I remembered what was this courageous struggle and that have made family Svetlana Ustinenko.

      Svetlana Ustinenko long tried to cope with the disease, but neither her own efforts nor the efforts of doctors could not help to be healed. A little over two years ago my mom Aliani Golosovoy even could not suspect that she will undergo. In September 2014, doctors diagnosed Svetlana glioblastoma of the brain IV degree. It all started with the fact that 47-year-old woman began to lose consciousness, she was harassed headaches and overall health has deteriorated. During the recording of one of the editions of “House–2” Svetlana Mikhaylovna was sick and she fainted.

      Many then decided that the culprit is really the strongest stress, which Ustinenko had to move. However, the woman decided to approach Volgograd doctors. After an MRI Svetlana Mikhailovna had to hear the terrible diagnosis. It was decided to carry out an operation to remove a brain tumor. After that we found out that the tumor was malignant. Aliana Gobozova believed that the tragedy will pass their family by. Infusion daughter passed and Svetlana Mikhailovna, which then decided not to sit idly by, and to fight for life.

      From the participant “Houses-2” Svetlana Ustinenko a brain tumor in the third stage

      Rumours that 47-year member “Dom-2” Svetlana Ustinenko the tumor has arisen by chance. Information about diseases of women “StarHit” said her daughter Aliana Gobozova: “to everyone’s regret, it’s true. Recently our family has experienced a lot of stress, my mother was nervous and once right in the perimeter fainted. It was just a terrible sight: your eyes rolled, had to unclench your jaw… well, it felt like I was having an epileptic seizure, but it wasn’t him. Everyone was in shock and terribly scared.”

      Participant of “Dom-2” Svetlana Ustinenko had surgery

      Aliana Gobozova visited mom in the hospital to support a loved one before an important event.

      Svetlana Ustinenko tolerates chemotherapy

      Cancer participant of “House-2” has completed the first phase of treatment 16 Dec.

      Svetlana Ustinenko hopes for treatment in Israel

      Participant of “Dom-2” Svetlana Ustinenko asks him to help her financially, since it requires the additional consultation of physicians.

      “My mom, I love you, everything will be fine. Tomorrow is the big day for all of us to pray together. God grant that all was well”, – wrote in his microblog of Alina after the first surgery my mom.

      Fans of the host families are carefully watched, how was the treatment, what has been achieved during this time. Svetlana chose to go to Moscow to have the opportunity to reside with loved family members that provided her tremendous support and help through all the stages of treatment. The help was offered and sister Ustinenko, which spent a lot of time with her. Svetlana began to pass the first stage of chemotherapy, which did not give positive changes, and if it happens, then only for a short period of time. 16 Dec 2014 was supposed to end a 42-day course of chemotherapy. Aliana admitted that she and her husband Alexander by Gobozova was ready to decrease, but things were much better.

      Anyway, the woman continued to believe. She read a lot, fond of psychology, conducted a spiritual exercise, in parallel through all the necessary stages of treatment. Together with a friend on Skype she told myself: “Every cell in my body is healthy!”. Dawn M. went to Church. Her daughter always tried to help mother. At the first stage, she turned to his followers with the request to help to collect money for expensive treatment: “Dear friends! Never thought will encounter such a problem. But, unfortunately, life is unpredictable and, perhaps, the most valuable thing a man can have. Now my mother was diagnosed with brain cancer, and it’s scary. Requires chemotherapy, which is 1 200 000. Please help me to cure my mother. Thank you very much!” Aliani have had plans to send the mother to the consultation to the Israeli doctors, but it would have cost them almost 3 and a half million rubles. She Svetlana Mikhailovna told me that a good understanding of how unsupportable was this amount for them.

      I must admit that Aliana Gobozova worked hard to earn more money to cure mother. However, she wasn’t trying to vent on social networks, trying not to put photos of mom, in order not to escalate the situation and hide all the feelings that lurked in her soul. She was actively involved in new projects, was in advertising in his microblog. In parallel, she has long had an awkward relationship with her husband. Within a few months, they had little contact, but eventually found the strength to reconcile. Alexander and Aliana even got married for the second time that pleased followers and gave hope that in their large family will prevail peace and quiet.

      Svetlana Ustinenko of “House-2” became a little better

      Aliana Gobozova told about the health of a sick mother, who will soon go to Israel.

      Svetlana Ustinenko suspects that her cancer was treated with counterfeit medicines

      Eks-the participant “Houses-2” Svetlana Ustinenko believes that the reason for her poor treatment in Volgograd is counterfeit drugs.

      Close Svetlana Ustinenko reported reduced her tumors

      According to the mother of Alexander Gobozova, the woman’s condition has been improving. The family Svetlana is committed to do everything to it as soon as possible, able to overcome the disease.

      The entire 2015 Svetlana continued to look for new ways to fight the disease. In the beginning of the year she talked with Dmitry Shepelev, who at the time was focused on the treatment of his beloved Jeanne Friske. He said that they did not resort to chemotherapy, and was looking for that alternative. Leading advised Svetlana nanovaccines, which could help. Then Jeanne saw a positive change in the condition, she visited America, China, and then I did a rehabilitation course in Latvia. Svetlana refused chemotherapy, preferring folk remedies of treatment. She appeared in the Studio of the program “live”, where he shared with the audience his misery and asked for help than who can.

      Attempts to believe the best is exhausted, when an hour before the new 2016 woman became ill and had to call an ambulance. Then nothing happened, and she managed to celebrate the holiday with family. She tried to act casual. In may of this year she underwent a second operation to remove the tumor. For almost two years, she did not agree to this, but in the end couldn’t resist. Soon, however, her condition deteriorated to such an extent that Svetlana dropped her hands and ceased to believe in yourself.

      Svetlana Ustinenko: “because of the deterioration I had to go back to chemotherapy”

      Ex-participant of “House-2” told about the struggle with a serious disease and attempts to start life anew. For a year and a half Svetlana Ustinenko trying to do everything possible to recover.

      Svetlana Ustinenko: “my family and decided about hospitalization,”

      Now the reality star is being treated at the clinic. Svetlana Ustinenko felt worse and decided to go to the doctors. The whole family worried about her health.

      Svetlana Ustinenko had surgery to remove the tumor

      The star of “House-2” is in the Oncology center in serious condition. After several courses of chemotherapy, which failed, Svetlana Ustinenko was operated in one of capital clinics.

      Svetlana Ustinenko: “After the operation I did not see or hear”

      Cancer ex-participant reality show “House-2” tries not to give up. Svetlana underwent another operation, but she only became worse. Medications that she was prescribed the doctors are quite expensive, the family can not afford such treatment.

      “I don’t know what they did to me. I did not see or hear, are in total disarray… Thanks to my daughter and cousin, who came from Volgograd and helps me, sits with me. Money to buy the medicine I was prescribed an expensive tool, the rate of which is 100 thousand rubles, and you need to take it every month. Of course, it is very heavy for my daughter and the amount. What will happen to me – I don’t know… My life is over” – said Svetlana.

      In summer, the family decided to go to a medical place of dzhily-su, in Kabardino-Balkaria. It is famous for its springs, which help to heal. With this purpose went back and Svetlana, with her daughter and son-in-law and his mother. Back in the summer of 2015, she traveled to the Caucasus region and managed to achieve good results – the tumor shrank by 50%. After a time, she once again believed that there she has a chance to turn the tide in their favor.

      Thanks to this trip the family Sobotovich and Ustinenko was able to establish communication. The disease brought them closer together and taught me not to pay attention to meaningless issues. At the same time Aliani have a better relationship with her husband. She shared a photo on her microblog, which was written that the grateful husband for all that he has done for her and her mom. General support and care inspires confidence that the disease will sooner or later retreat, but this did not happen.

      Svetlana Ustinenko left for treatment in the Caucasus

      Ex-participant reality show “House-2”, which within two years of struggling with a brain tumor, went to dzhily-su, in Kabardino-Balkaria. According to mother Aliani Golosovoy, it was there last time she got better and her condition improved.

      Serious illness Svetlana Ustinenko rallied her family

      Stars “House-2” forgotten grievances and asked each other’s forgiveness. After a joint trip to the Elbrus region Svetlana Ustinenko, her daughter Aliana and Alexander Gobozov and his mother, Olga finally hooked up.

      Former participants of the teleproject still can’t find words to describe what happened. In an interview with “StarHit” Liberi Kadono was not able to conceal emotions. Because for her, as for many other people who knew Svetlana Mikhailovna, it was a real shock.

      “To Aliana I could not get through the phone she will probably be off for three days. I didn’t want her to worry. I’ll probably contact Sasha to see it to know. Svetlana was a strong woman who went through a divorce, but managed to raise two children. Aliana took from her all the best. She has a strong influence on the daughter. She was the only mother of all that was on the project to which the staff were treated better than others. It’s hard for me to talk about this right now. It’s a big loss for any person. Aliana is a strong girl, she can handle it! I’m more than sure that they have with Sasha is sure to be another baby girl. Mom Aliani worthy is gone and now the sky will be watching for her daughter and to help all those people who helped her here. Don’t know, it’s hard to imagine anyone who even own elbow didn’t break, and then the loss of mother. She’ll be fine, I sincerely wish this. All she’s got,” he shared with the editors Liberi.