Светлана Устиненко: «После операции я ничего не вижу и не слышу» Cancer ex-participant reality show “House-2” tries not to give up. Svetlana underwent another operation, but she only became worse. Medications that her doctors prescribed are quite expensive, the family can not afford such treatment.

      Светлана Устиненко: «После операции я ничего не вижу и не слышу»

      The former participant of the project “Dom-2” Svetlana Ustinenko almost two years struggling with a glioblastoma of the brain IV degree. The other day the woman underwent another surgery to remove the tumor, but medical intervention only worsened the condition of the patient.

      Svetlana Ustinenko: “because of the deterioration I had to go back to chemotherapy”

      “I don’t know what they did to me – says Ustinenko. – I did not see or hear, I am at a complete loss… Thanks to my daughter and cousin, who came from Volgograd and helps me, sits with me. Money to buy the medicine I was prescribed an expensive tool, the rate of which is 100 thousand rubles, and you have to take it every month. Of course, it is very heavy for my daughter and the amount. What will happen to me – I don’t know… My life is over”.

      Six months ago, Svetlana thought about the trip to the Caucasus, to the hot springs of dzhily-su. “I know a man who also thought that his days are numbered, but called for the springs and remained there to live. Every day he felt better, and after 7 years he returned from the Caucasus healthy. I believe that clean water sources, which will not find in any other place, will be able to raise me to my feet. I’ve been there, but only five days is not enough for the treatment, you have to live in the mountains at least 21 days” – says Svetlana.

      The terrible diagnosis put to the woman in the fall of 2014. The reason to go to the doctor was frequent headaches and a constant feeling of fatigue. A few weeks later Svetlana Mikhailovna had surgery to remove the tumor, the patient’s condition was normal. Ustinenko wanted to go to Israel to get treatment there, but the financial situation was against it – because of the appreciation of the Euro family Ustinenko was not under force to pay for accommodation and rehabilitation Svetlana Mikhailovna in the Holy land. The desire to recover has forced the patient to contact Dmitry Shepelev, whose beloved Jeanne Friske at the time struggled with the same disease. The presenter advised the woman not to abuse the chemotherapy, which makes the body and told about nanovaccines, which treated Joan. But to buy experimental drugs is not reached – the vaccine was too expensive.

      For those who want to help Svetlana Mikhailovna, “StarHit” publishes an account to collect funds

      The number of the card of Sberbank 4276 5160 4000 2952

      Score: 4081 4000 78100 4630 195

      The name of the recipient – Ustinenko Svetlana

      BIC 044 52 52 25

      PSC 775 3035 00

      KOR 3010 18 104 225 00000000

      INN 770 70 83 893

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