Svetlana Svetlichnaya reconciled with his eldest son

Светлана Светличная помирилась со старшим сыном
The actress received the best gift on his birthday.

Светлана Светличная помирилась со старшим сыном

Svetlana Svetlichnaya with his son Alex

Photo: Yuri Renew

To the long tradition of Svetlana Svetlichnaya noted day
born in Penza, where her brother Oleg. He is younger than the actress for 13 years, but
was born also on may 15. So Svetlichnaya always unite and organize
the big holiday.

Svetlana Svetlichnaya

Photo: Yury Feklistov

The best gift this year Svetlichnaya received from his
my oldest son and his family. Relationship actress Aleksei Ivashov, his wife
Olga and daughter Mary was hardly perfect — due to various reasons. At
large, Svetlana afanasevna reason began to leave in your day
birth of brother. She did it to stay in your personal
the occasion alone. “But this time I was very warmly congratulated and Alyosha, and
Olga, Masha, and my great-grandson Vladimir Ivashov. Now we’re fine, everything was adjusted, I — the
a happy mother and grandmother in the world” — said Svetlichnaya.

Typically Svetlana afanasevna staying in Penza in just a few
days. But this time the actress went to her brother in advance. On Victory Day, May 9, they
Oleg and his family took part in the action “Immortal regiment” and carried on
the main street of Penza portrait of his father Athanasius Svetlichnaya. “Dad fought back
in the Finnish and performed many acts of bravery that saved many people. We know it
had to submit the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, but there was some
procrastination, as it often happened in that time. But it doesn’t matter there rank or
no, for us he is the great hero,” — said the actress.

Recall that Svetlichnaya was married to the legendary actor
Vladimir Ivashov. His eldest son, they called him Alexei in honor of the hero
the film “ballad of a soldier”. The younger son Svetlichnaya Ivashov and Oleg — died in
mysterious circumstances at the age of 33.