Svetlana Svetikova son was cut off from the world

Светлана Светикова с сыном оказались отрезаны от мира
The artist have captured the weather.

Svetlana Svetikova

Photo: @svetikova_music Instagram Svetlana Svetikovoy

Touring the cities of Russia, Svetlana Svetikova got into a very unpleasant story. After graduating from the speech in Norilsk, the artist found that in captivity the weather. The street column of the thermometer fell to the level of -50°C. the result was canceled all upcoming flights and suspended the movement of trains. The most unpleasant in this story is that with her went on a tour of her three — year-old son Milan, whom she did not want to permanently leave.

“Trains are not running, planes are grounded, cars… freezing… waiting for the warming. Mad Dec… From one plane to another… From train to train… My son is a hero!” — said Svetlana. Thus a star with his heir were cut off from the world. Fortunately, communication problems with Svetikovoy yet and it can keep your loved ones and fans in the know.

By the way, the actress admitted not long ago that is very proud of the fact that his son follows her everywhere. At Milan, according to Svetlana, behind more than 20 flights. Svetikova expects that due to the constant traveling, the boy will grow up a true traveler. By the way, on the relations with the civil husband — Alexei Polishchuk frequent absence of the actress at home has no effect. In fact, most often the husband also accompanies her on tour.