Svetlana Svetikova mixed date of birth

Светлана Светикова перепутала дату родов
The singer will become a mother for the second time a few days ago.

Svetlana Svetikova with son Milan

Photo: @svetikova_music Instagram Svetlana Svetikovoy

Svetlana Svetikova told about a funny incident from the life: the singer mixed up the date of his own birth. The pregnant singer last month before birth, held in Adler and was preparing to return to the capital only next week. However, recently she realized with horror what was wrong with the da (prior date of birth) — to become a mother for the second time, she will be a lot sooner than she expected. Realizing what position she is, Svetlana hurried to pack my things and go back, because from Moscow, where she planned to give birth, it was separated by a thousand miles.

“Today I learned that mixed up week… Not that I’ve forgotten the date of the da… Just thought that for a long time … Turns out I’m on the homestretch! Very exciting!” — said Svetlana.

Recently Svetikova, by the way, was embroiled in a scandal that occurred in the Parking lot of a shopping center in Adler. “The guard didn’t like that he was thrown out of the machine I on the ninth month of pregnancy and Millenicom (son of the artist. – approx.ed), and my friend with his little daughter at the main entrance. Notice we no one interfered. Got out the emergency gang to the side, cars calmly passed by. He not only insulted my husband, provoking him to fight with the words “coward, come here”, but mate talked to me”, — complained the singer.