Светлана Сурганова объяснила, почему не решается на усыновление The singer is afraid of responsibility. The actress herself was a foster child in the family, what have learned rather late. So far, it has abandoned plans to take the baby from the orphanage. According to Surganova, it is led by fear.

      Светлана Сурганова объяснила, почему не решается на усыновление

      A famous rock-singer Svetlana Surganova was the guest of the program Uliii Menshovoj “Alone with all”. In the broadcast transmission, the actress said that every day tries to enjoy life. This is the woman and sees the meaning of his existence. As recognized by the leading Svetlana, she does not fear death. Moreover, Surganova several times been on the verge: many years ago, she had surgery to remove a tumor on the sigmoid colon.

      Some time ago he admitted he thinks about having a baby. However, the 48-year-old rock star, she grew up in a foster family, has postponed the idea. As said Surganova, she was afraid.

      “Not ready yet. Apparently, there is fear, the inability to take responsibility. Maybe I’m just a coward,” said the singer.

      According to the artist, she is afraid that will strongly try to “edit” and change the baby. Svetlana suggested that intuitively she understands that it’s still not her. Star believes that the meaning of life is not just about the kids.

      “I kind of agree with Verbera, about overpopulation of the planet. Maybe we should take this point under control. So, I have a complicated attitude to children. So it’s not mine. But things can change,” explained Surganova.

      The singer loves his family very much, so even when she learned that took her from a shelter, was shocked. According to Svetlana, the mother Lida librarian and grandmother Zoya gave her all in this life. For her that she got a cat. Raise a pet, the singer sometimes I think she gradually will Mature prior to the adoption of a child. Svetlana Surganov: “I can’t turn off the phone – can call mother”

      The artist admits that he tries always to see in all situations, only positive moments. “All relationships, all opinions, all actions and decisions – only through love! It’s incredible and absolutely other quality actions, thoughts and deeds. And that way, maybe to some extent to reduce the degree of slagging – in all senses. In General, music, love and water,” said Surganova “StarHit”.