Светлана Пермякова удивила сменой имиджа The actress updated her look. Svetlana Permyakova decided to experiment with my hair. Fans literally flooded the actress with compliments and said that the haircut she looks incredibly fresh and very stylish.

      Earlier this year the actress Svetlana Permyakova broke up with my long hair and gave preference to short haircut. Then, this change of image is very surprised all of her fans, however, they could not fail to note that the new image of her face. This time the artist decided to continue the experiments. She said goodbye to the usual length haircuts and bangs. This image is incredibly refreshed the star of the series “Interns” and impressed her fans.

      “Every woman loves the truth And compliments, and flattery. If you like it, — the reward, If is corrupt — revenge” – quoted Permyakov, a poem by Igor Severyanin “Valmistaja”.

      Followers appreciated the unexpected transformation of the famous comedic actress and literally overwhelmed her with compliments. They noted that this hairstyle Svetlana adds more charm and Enigma.

      “Beauty. However, without flattery”, “an Amazing woman. Beautiful actress,” “Wow! This is not a purple lipstick with a Lollipop”, “the Beauty, most importantly, everything was very natural, very beautiful!”, “Ah, what woman” – expressed his opinion the followers of a celebrity.

      Not so long ago Permyakov admitted that ready for a new romance in his life. Now she’s raising little daughter, Barbara, in the education which her former Deputy Maxim Skryabin takes a very active part. With ex-lover Svetlana maintains warm relations. Now she wants to find her soulmate. Permyakova, hoping to meet a older man to feel with him as behind a stone back.

      “Now I’m surrounded by mostly men under 30. Probably because internally I feel 28 and I’m wondering with the youth. Although I know that I need a man of my age, maybe even older, seasoned, with established views. But, I guess I attract people who need support. So far, I’m such a “teacher” – confessed Permyakova.