Светлана Пермякова расплачивается за любовные интриги молодости The actress wanted to pull the man from the family. After this act Svetlana Permyakova also experienced the betrayal of a loved one. Magicians claim that now she is responsible for the mistakes of the past.

      Светлана Пермякова расплачивается за любовные интриги молодости

      Popular actress Svetlana Permyakova almost two years ago shocked fans with news that she breaks up with her civil husband, Maxim Scriabin. For all admirers of the actress it was a real surprise. For a long time, their family seemed perfect – the couple worked together and raised a daughter Varya. Despite the gap of the pair, former lovers maintain friendly relations for the sake of the child. The reason that broke up a happy family, Maxim called dissent on the education of their child.

      However, the project of TV-3, hereditary fortuneteller Aida, spreading out the cards, told one of the versions of the setbacks in his personal life Svetlana. She reported that Permyakov long before the relations with Scriabin almost destroyed someone else’s family, hoping to distract the man. That is why then she had to pay for such an act. The medium stated that the next fan betrayed Svetlana and was not who he claimed to be.

      White mage novel Fad also noticed in the past, the heroine of the program of the fatal man who fought two women. The fad had warned aginst that and now she has a “witch”, the energy vampire close is better not to allow. Moreover, all experts have consensus that many of the problems Svetlana come from the fact that it is poorly versed in people.

      I must say that in the beginning of the program Svetlana said that more believes in the science – criminology and palmistry, and to magicians and fortune-tellers is skeptical. However, after the exact words of the actress on the past experts have made her change her mind. Filming Svetlana Permyakova tried to wrap everything into a joke, although it was noticeable that her unpleasant memories of the past. “Well, gutted me like a chicken!” said Permyakova.

      The episode is “the invisible Man” with one of the best Russian Comedy Actresses will air April 1 at 19:00 on TV-3.

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