Svetlana Permyakova changed my hairstyle and look younger

Светлана Пермякова сменила стрижку и помолодела

Star of TV series “Interns” radically changed her image.

Svetlana Permyakova not cease to work on ourselves. Once upon a time the actress series “Interns”, as a girl, as they say, in the body. And the viewer just such a loved home nurse Luba. So loved that when the actress suddenly decided to lose weight, it literally took up arms by the fans. They say, along with the extra pounds lost all the charm, Luba was so dear, comprehensive, and has become a model plus size.

But Permyakova at all of the comments did not pay attention and continued to go for their goals. According to the actress, she never wanted to be too skinny, she just wanted to give your body a beautiful shape. And she did it.

That’s really a few years, the actress kept the same weight. And fans have become accustomed and has found love again. But Svetlana has again decided to surprise them and agreed on a very bold experiment. This time for a change of image. Permyakova had walked with Kara, and now all cut your hair and cut some bangs. The result of the star boasted on his Instagram.

Photo: @s_permyakova

Every woman loves a lie

And compliments, and flattery.

If you like, will be award

If I was angry with – revenge.

Signed the actress lines from a poem by Igor Severyanin. But she seems not to have. Subscribers actress just overwhelmed her with compliments. “No words, elegant beauty,” the praised one. “You looked younger with that haircut,” said the other. Really, the 44-year-old actress like a couple of decades dropped. What some fans even suspected Permyakova that she has done something with face, plastic, or any other cosmetic procedure… That’s how people change in just a couple of movements with scissors.