Svetlana permjakova told about the problems of his native city

Светлана Пермякова рассказала о проблемах родного города
The actress is concerned about the condition of roads in Perm.


Svetlana Permyakova arrived in his hometown in a day
memory of his father. “While the parents were alive, I whenever possible, I visit them, but
all my time in Perm took care of mom and dad, — says Svetlana —
unfortunately, they passed away. The Pope was not exactly a year ago, this morning were
on his grave, the plane to Moscow I have only late in the evening, special cases
no. So I decided to draw the attention of the local authorities and the media to the problems of my
a native of the city.”

The fact that the roads on the street And in mountainous
the region of Perm, where he grew up Svetlana did not asphalted for 45 years. “Can you imagine
what a mess around, when it’s raining? — Svetlana sighs. Each family
mandatory shoes — rubber boots and overshoes, our homes are any
size. Soon 1 September, children will go to school, smartly dressed, and on his feet
instead of shoes and neatly booties are all the same rubber boots and galoshes. Machine
in the mud and skidding, Emergency stops for the quarter, and if some of
neighbors need to be hospitalized, that person has to be there to carry on
hands. And taxi drivers challenge in our district refuse to accept, because taught
bitter experience. I really hope that city officials will hear me, and you will find
possible to repair road — it would have been a boon to
45-year anniversary of our roads”.

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