Svetlana Nemolyaeva announced his condition after heart attack

Светлана Немоляева сообщила о своем состоянии после сердечного приступа Actress needed medical care. Svetlana Nemolyaeva was told that she came to the clinic to put her on a drip and brought down the pressure. Now her health condition is satisfactory, but because she did not cancel performances that involve.
Светлана Немоляева сообщила о своем состоянии после сердечного приступа

During the new year holidays was shown in the programme “Tonight”, where the main character was a famous Soviet actress Svetlana Nemolyaeva. As it turned out, during the holidays, the 80-year-old actress needed medical care – she had a heart attack. Now, however, health Nemolyaeva out of danger. She is grateful to the families and friends of people who are always around her, and because she is not worried that will be left unattended at the right time.

“Thank you very much, already feeling better, the actress said to journalists. – Intermittently good, then bad, up and down. And the hospital took because I was taking photos of the arrhythmia droppers. Well, one I home never, if anything, there is always someone to help. Now the family are in the country, yesterday watched the transfer with us at the “First channel”, needles. We shot in early December”.
Светлана Немоляева сообщила о своем состоянии после сердечного приступа

During the broadcast Svetlana told a lot of personal – she still cannot come to terms with the death of her husband Alexander Lazarev. Despite the fact that he passed away in may 2011, the artist kept all of his things and tries not to touch the Cabinet, which worked for her husband.

Nemolyaeva could not hold back emotions when recalled Lazarus. Just a year before his death, they decided to seal their Union before God, after almost half a century of life together. Svetlana Nemolyaeva is still mourns her dead husband

“The idea to get married belongs to both of us, and our closest friends supported us, said: “we Have to get married, and then God forbid, you die, right at the light and don’t meet,” – said Nemolyaeva.

Now 80-year-old actress continues to work – it is in the performances. Even poor health can’t get her away from her beloved profession. Svetlana admitted the publication of “the Source” that has not been canceled appearance on the stage in connection with poor health. She’s glad the attack happened in the days when she didn’t have to appear in the theatre, but because Nemolyaeva did not disappoint the whole team and their colleagues.