Svetlana Loboda won the French

Светлана Лобода покорила француза At the celebration in honor of the birthday of the head of the Euronews Walid Arfush writer Frederic Beigbeder had signs of attention pop singer and even confessed his love to her. The singer and the Frenchman lit on stage to the song “fuck love”.

      Светлана Лобода покорила француза

      Popular pop star performed at the festival in honor of the 45th anniversary of the head of the Euronews Walid Arfush. Party “The Great Valid”s Party” was designed in the style of the movie “the Great Gatsby” and was held in one of the Asian restaurants in Kiev. Ladies appeared at the party in luxury dresses in “retro” style, and men wore suits or tuxedos.

      Svetlana Loboda in shimmering outfit attracted General attention. The singer could not stay unnoticed and one special guest of the event – frédéric Beigbeder, who was invited to the festival as a DJ. The writer is friends with the older brother of the hero of the occasion Omar Arfush.

      Once Loboda appeared on the scene, the author of the book “Love lives three years” came closer and began to stare on the screen and applaud her. However, the Frenchman could not long withstand the surging of his emotions. Frederick jumped up on stage and confessed to Svetlana in love, standing on his knees. During the execution of the hit Loboda hit single “fuck love” by Frederick grabbed the microphone and began to sing with the star. The Duo caused a storm of audience applause.

      After the concert Svetlana has shown on his page on “Instagram” photo of the flamboyant writer and jokingly wrote under one of them: “Mr. Beigbeder happy.” Guests attending the festival, don’t miss the opportunity to make a selfie with Frederick and post them to social networks. The attention also drew a cardboard cutout of the birthday Walid who met guests at the entrance to the restaurant. Beigbeder picked up a copy of hero for the day in hand, like a guitar and took a picture with her.

      Chapter Euronews also came to congratulate Savik Shuster, Egor Benkendorf, Natella Krapivina, semen Gorov, Irina Berezhnaya, Natalia Ionova, restaurateurs the Brothers Karamazov, Nikolay Tishchenko, Vlad Baginsky, and other celebrity guests.

      Video posted @vikel 10 APR 2016 12:09 PDT

      Recall that two years ago, Svetlana Loboda finally broke up with the father to his daughter by Andrew King. Since then, the singer didn’t make a serious relationship with the men and devoted himself entirely to the work. Loboda does not preclude the communication of the ex-partner and her daughter eve. “I decided that my personal relationships should not affect the child, and the daughter never even asked why daddy doesn’t live with us,” said the star in an interview.

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