Svetlana Loboda uncovered fraud in their environment

Светлана Лобода раскрыла мошенников в своем окружении
The singer used to deceive loyal fans.

Svetlana Loboda

Photo: @lobodaofficial Instagram Svetlana Loboda

Svetlana Loboda learned that the organizers collaborated with the team turned out to be a fraud. Having spent some time together, the singer discovered that the young men behind her to commit financial fraud. It turned out that the organizers sold tickets for the concerts, which never was held.

“Attention! The press service of the artist reports: team LOBODA became the victims of swindlers! Vitaly Elkin and Stas Pshenitsyn was previously the organizers of the concerts in some cities of our great tour. But, as it became known, many cities were unauthorized sale of tickets for additional concerts not approved by artist’s management.

Today we completely stopped cooperation with these people again and urge the audience not to buy tickets if the date of our show in your city are not declared on the official website LOBODA.COM since in this case we are not responsible for the failed show and can’t guarantee You a refund! — reads publication in the microblog Loboda. — We do everything possible to resolve this situation for our viewers and trying to find dates for these concerts.Follow playbill on the official website and social networks of the artist!”

It is known that for the next six months the fraud was announced six concerts in different cities of Russia. Fans who have purchased tickets for these performances was very upset by the statement Loboda.