Светлана Лобода два дня прожила в аэропорту The singer lost his home due to lost Luggage. Svetlana Loboda wanted to relax before the hard work. Only a few days the problem was resolved and the artist was able to enjoy the famous resort of Ibiza.

    A few days ago, Svetlana Loboda together with his team, and four bags of costumes and props went to Malaga. The singer flew to Spain to begin work on a new video for the song “Your eyes”. However, before the pressures of work and filming, the actress decided to take a little rest. It is specially picked up tickets to go to Spain through Mallorca – a resort she was going to spend a few days on the beach and gather strength for the start of hard work.

    However, on arrival it turned out that island airlines has managed to deliver only passengers and all baggage of the actress flew to Barcelona. In Borispol the singer assured that during a connecting flight, the bags should take in Ibiza, but the Luggage tag was given to the final destination, thereby allowing a gross error.

    “Trying to find the suitcase containing all the life of my new clip, I two of the four days of holiday spent at the airport, filling in endless documentation explaining what was in each of the suitcases, what color are they and size, – has shared with “StarHit” Svetlana. Of course, I was very upset – not so often managed to find time to relax. And, of course, a pity to waste precious days on “paper” and search”.

    Producer singer for its part also made every effort to establish a dialogue with the airline, however, the representatives offered to take the suitcases from Barcelona – it had to be one of the team members Loboda.

    “Baggage, having been in Barcelona and in Mallorca, after two days of hopeless desperate search finally got to Ibiza and back in the hands of happy owners,” continues Svetlana. But during these two days we experienced a range of feelings, which some people don’t get to experience in life… Thanks that all went well and all alive and well. We’re going on.”

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