Svetlana Loboda told about the difficult childhood

Светлана Лобода рассказала о трудном детстве Popular singer impresses fans of the beautiful appearance. She tries to carefully monitor themselves. However, it was not always so. For a long time, the woman had a complex about appearance and shy to talk about the conditions in which she had to grow up.

      Svetlana Loboda openly stated that her childhood was not easy. She was forced from a very early age to help parents learn to earn the first money. As it turned out, the celebrity was engaged in the trade, because she had no choice. Svetlana received my first salary, working in the market.

      Daughter Svetlana Loboda has followed in her footsteps

      By the way, the woman was selling towels. “I yelled: “Men! Buy your favorite towels!” – recalls the artist. This phrase, apparently, was a good way to attract people’s attention. Moreover, visitors to the market, obviously amused to hear that from a little girl.

      Note that Svetlana Loboda has made every effort to make at least some money. She even had to dig in the garden native of the grandfather to catch Colorado potato beetles. She did this not only out of great love for family. The man, according to the singer, paid her one penny for each captured insect.

      Overall, Svetlana’s hard to remember about his childhood. She said he always felt insecure in the company of other people. It seemed to her that she does not have the looks that would attract someone’s attention. Because self-esteem issues, she was forced to make great sacrifices. The idea that she has too big feet sizes, has led to the fact that the star bought shoes much smaller.

      “Because of this, I have a slightly deformed foot. Then I thought I have long arms. I hid it in the sleeve. Only 19 years have been able to accept myself for who I am,” said Loboda.

      Many fans of Svetlana’s hard to believe that their favorite was so notorious. The woman says that she has chosen the profession of the artist only because he thought himself ugly. She wanted to gain fame and recognition, which she so lacked in terms of communication with peers.

      Everything else, Loboda did not love your father’s car. It seemed to her that at the sight of the car surrounding mocked her, so found a way out of the situation. “The Pope was “Zaporozhets”, and I was a child was very shy of this machine. So, he asked to take me not away from a neighboring yard”, – told Svetlana Hello.