Svetlana Loboda spoke about his run-ins with the paparazzi

Светлана Лобода рассказала о своих стычках с папарацци
The singer starred in a new video for the song “Random”.

Светлана Лобода рассказала о своих стычках с папарацци

New video of Svetlana Loboda — thirteenth story
directed by producer singer Natella Krapivina on the smash hit “Random”.

The script of the video is dictated by the life of the popular artist:
it happens that the stars have to deal with annoying paparazzi
violate the acceptable boundaries of personal space, and the victims of such situations
become their loved ones. The history of clip shows that inherently
they’re lonely people, and the world of glitz, glamor and endless flashes of cameras only
just an illusion.

According to Krapivina — is yet another Chapter from the book under
the name “Life”, which clearly illustrated that the world is not random
people who like no random events, but at the same time one unexpected
the meeting can be fatal.

The implementation of the main concept of the music video for everything at
the teams were night – record time for the realization of creative ambitions
Krapivina associated with a very busy concert schedule Loboda.

That’s why the video is full of adrenaline, and each
detail of the frame proof. Laser design, which are specially
was developed under the concert room at the Palace of sports became metaphorical
element of the verbal content of the composition – the lost love in

Светлана Лобода рассказала о своих стычках с папарацци

one of the biggest challenges that have occurred to us
filming is simple: we have absolutely
there was no free time for
to catch the artist and the tour
to put it in a frame, told Krapivina. — From that clip
prepared in a short time. We understand
the idea we need at least two
days, but in fact had only one. And
the way we worked, as was in a hurry, but
clearly, the task is executed is
was extremely and the level
intensity, of course, rolls over.

But can
to say that when I look at the result,
it was not in vain, because the level
the adrenaline rush that each of the members
the team attended — it is ingrained
the entire clip. And you watch it like a movie
like a real drama, because this
degree — it can not hide. Any creativity is, first and foremost, a bundle of energy.
In this case, of course, energy
quenched. And in fact, adventure
at the site there were too many: from
from broken machines, to the fact that
the crowd that was invited
to fulfill the role of the paparazzi acted on
really like the paparazzi because
a few days later climbed to the Internet
photos from the set and we
understand that some of the guys in the hands
was really the camera, not models”.