Светлана Лобода раскрыла правду о влиятельном покровителе The popularity of the singer is haunted by the spiteful critics. Some believe that the artist is a rich man, punching her way into show business. Recently Svetlana Loboda has denied speculation of the public.

Svetlana Loboda is one of the most successful pop singers. Tracks stars top the charts and the videos gaining millions of views on YouTube. In a recent interview, the actress said that in the top of the charts often paid songs, and also commented on the rumors that her popularity are rich sponsors.

According to Svetlana, her track “Boyfriend” lasted for the first place in iTunes only three days, and then dropped to the eighth-ninth position. Celebrity suspected something was amiss, and hastened to contact the organization, which owns the rights to her songs.

“I called Sony and asked: “How so? We have all the songs the same “Your eyes” – three month kept in the first place”. I said, “we all buy the first position. And because a good song we can’t keep in the first place for a long time,” shared the actress.

Loboda and her colleagues decided not to achieve popularity by artificial means, and have relied on streaming services, which shows the number of auditions. Now, according to Svetlana, the talented and hardworking artists there are many opportunities to Express themselves. Completely different situation was five years ago, when the singer “banging head against the wall” trying to find its audience.

Conversing with correspondents, Loboda has denied rumors that her popularity are influential patrons. That kind of speculation, the singer has described as “ridiculous”. Svetlana says that achieved success solely on their own. At the time of the song Loboda refused to put on the radio because they don’t fit the format. Faced with this attitude, the actress and her producer Natella Krapivina decided to place the tracks in the online services. Their calculation was correct – only for the week, the track “fuck love” has become one of most listened online.

“A “rich uncle”… Look at me. What a rich uncle can endure such a woman? Strong women do themselves. Well, how do we have a great team: a staff of 20 people, each responsible for their area of work. The best specialists on the market. And together we are called – “artist LOBODA,” said star.

On the question of whether trying to Woo her wealthy men Svetlana replied in the affirmative. However, fans of the artist are difficult to support with her communication, because it can work 24 hours a day, and free time prefers to spend his beloved daughter Eva.

Sometimes admirers Loboda cross the line of trying to win her affection. In such cases, the celebrity limits their communication with persistent fans. “To certain people I don’t have office parties for any money”, – said Svetlana in a Radio interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.