Svetlana Loboda returned from America after childbirth

Светлана Лобода вернулась из Америки после родов
The singer is preparing for a Grand performance at the award “MUZ-TV” in Moscow.

Svetlana Loboda

Photo: Facebook

Svetlana Loboda,
which just two weeks ago
gave birth to second daughter, returns to the stage. The singer gave birth to baby in
Los Angeles, where she now takes
the house where he lives together with his mother Natalia Vasilievna, younger sister, Xenia, and 7-year-old daughter eve. For the sake of performing on
the award “MUZ-TV”, where her number would be to end the show, Svetlana decided on a few
days to leave a baby girl in America. There she is in the
safe hands: Loboda often says that mom is her most important
friend, helper, man, who can always be relied upon.

The prize, which is called main
musical event of the year, Svetlana presents his new song Superstar. New single Loboda already tipped the fate
the main hit coming summer. In a new video, a teaser for which she
published a few days ago, Svetlana impresses with his dance
abilities. She performed at the camera fiery dance that contains elements
tuerca. And this despite the fact that the survey took place before the birth! This fact shocked many
fans are not accustomed to the fact that the future mother can so vigorously
to move. Svetlana was of the opinion that pregnancy is not
disease. With her were unanimous and the other girls in the “position” that took part
in the filming of the clip.

Shortly after the award “MUZ-TV”
Svetlana Loboda will return to Los Angeles and there will continue to prepare for
solo concerts, which will take place in “Crocus” at the end of October.