Светлана Лобода заплатила за роды более трех миллионов рублей
The actress said that was part of the elite facilities of the hospital.

Svetlana Loboda

Photo: Facebook

It became known how much Svetlana Loboda cost second
childbirth. The singer became a mom in late spring, has signed a contract with the clinic Cedars-Senai, where it gave birth to such
celebrities like Madonna, Kim Kardashian and Britney Spears. For a full range
professional services and being in the house of VIP-class facilities hospitals
for several days the actress paid more than three million
rubles, or 50 thousand dollars.

The actress explained why she decided to give birth in the United States. “I wanted to pause and spend time
is somewhere warm. Just breathe the ocean, to write music, read and live leisurely
and without fuss — shared the star with “KP”. — In the delivery room I stayed in
surrounded by medical personnel. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I think childbirth is very
intimate process and therefore prefer in this moment to be alone. With me
the delivery room was occupied by nine experts, each of which was responsible for
their work. All very smoothly”.

Svetlana is a supporter of breastfeeding. When
she goes on tour, finds a way not to interrupt him. Loboda built
schedule so that every other day with my daughter. When she
away, then sends the milk baby Express delivery. “Now a lot of ways
to preserve milk and to transmit over large distances,” says the singer.

The most interesting facts Loboda yet keeps secret. It is not
confirm that the father of her second child — the lead singer of Rammstein
Til Lindemann. Also, Svetlana is silent about how named newborn daughter
while assuring that very soon this will be known.