Светлана Лобода о Тилле Линдеманне: «Он очень заботливый!»
The singer commented on their relationship with the leader of the band Rammstein.

Svetlana Loboda and till Lindemann

Photo: Instagram

Svetlana Loboda, which in late may became a mother for the
the second time, ceased to intrigue fans of painful silence. Two
months after the birth of a daughter, the singer admitted that he named her an unusual name
Tilde. In addition, Svetlana started talking about what really
connect her with the leader of the band Rammstein. That till Lindemann’s opinion
fans Loboda, is the father of her youngest daughter. The singer not
confirmed this directly, but said that till “incredibly caring and
very talented,” and “any woman dreams to become the father of her child”.

In response to the question Hello! introducing Lindemann
Svetlana said that every person appears in our lives in order to
we have something to teach, and “should try to find all possible and impossible
options to study people who are near and dear to you, to learn from
them.” “Especially if they are older than you,” she added.

We will remind, Svetlana Loboda and till Lindemann met
a year ago at the party of the festival “Heat” in Baku. Then there were several
pictures just met musicians. Fans noticed a certain spark
flashed between them, and since quinoa with other holders not
met, meanwhile, the singer is pregnant, fans concluded that the child’s father
— not who other, as Lindemann.