Светлана Лобода: «Было бы здорово, если бы у Евы появился братик» Shortly before New year’s eve actress has written a letter to Santa Claus. According to Svetlana, she hoped that in 2018 will be spending a lot more time with the heir, and may even decide to have a second child.

“Dear Santa, Hello! It was probably the most productive year of my life – shooting, album, concerts… Endless cycle. Recognition, awards, of course, important for the artist. But the most joyful moment after all the ceremonies, the statues fall into the hands of my daughter. And I see Eva happy: for it is willing to wait in front of millions of viewers – it’s just an interesting thing to want to play.

Basically, everything I do, for her sake, while I realize it more and more. In 2017, Eva went to the first class. A new stage in life, is incredibly exciting moment. I hope she will be all easily be given. She loves to learn new things. I have a lot of Eva study – the ability to enjoy the little things, empathy… True feeling of Christmas and Christmas eve I had with the birth of my little girl. I would really like in the New year as you spend more time with her, to try to balance busy schedule and find a way to be near the child to monitor their achievements. And, of course, it would be great if Eva has a baby brother. I think we’re ready!”