Светлана Лобода отдыхает с дочерьми в Подмосковье In may, the actress became a mother, however after a couple of weeks after birth, already back to work in ideal shape. Svetlana Loboda decided to bring the baby to Russia, and now spends time with his family in the suburbs. The singer continues to work, but tries not to leave children for a long time.
Светлана Лобода отдыхает с дочерьми в Подмосковье

In may this year the singer Svetlana Loboda became a mother for the second time. She gave birth to a daughter in a prestigious clinic in Los Angeles. Now the girl made the first in his life journey – she flew in from the USA to Russia. Now a celebrity with her daughters is in the suburbs. However, it is unknown how long will be the star mom with children in our country – because under the Kiev her own mansion. It is not excluded that Svetlana decided to be closer to heirs and save yourself from many hours of flight over the ocean to see the native people.

Loboda has still not said who the father of her baby – last year it was rumored that between the singer and the lead singer of the band Rammstein Till Lindemann broke novel. I wonder what a baby girl she called a Tilde.

Svetlana started working literally a couple of weeks after birth. She appeared on the red carpet of the award “MUZ TV” in early June. Many do not believe their eyes, because Svetlana looked perfect – she had a tight black dress that perfectly emphasized the figure. The artist performed a brand new song Superstar and, as always, put on a show during his speech.

However, now that Svetlana had two daughters, Eva and Tilda – she was trying to spend more time with them. That is why the artist increased his fees for speaking. “There is nothing surprising in the growth of the reward is not, – said the organizer of the stellar concerts in Eugene. – So do many, Brezhnev, Gagarin… Because now they have to give up anything, is a time that you can spend with the child. The Loboda a different story altogether, flying on orders she would have from America. Proposals Svetlana comes a lot! This move – a filter, to be able to stay longer with her daughters”.