Svetlana Loboda honest about his personal life

Светлана Лобода честно рассказала о своей личной жизни
The singer has opened the heart with the fans.

Photo: Instagram

Svetlana Loboda never liked to talk about his personal life. But she does not shout at all corners that “happiness loves silence. If happiness is — she is willing to share, but through creativity, through their own songs and emotions.

So, the existence in her life a great love, the public learned only when Loboda got pregnant and announced it to fans. She did it like a star in the West: starred naked with a baby bump. In the spring of 2011 Loboda became a mother. The light appeared a beautiful baby girl Eva. But after three and a half years the singer has declared, without going into details that she and dancer Andrew King, the girl’s father officially broke up. They were not married but lived as one family for almost 5 years.

Since mrova attributed to her many novels, but none of them she has not commented. She worked hard and his main passion — the stage. And succeeded! 2017-th year can rightly be called the year of triumph Loboda. It has become one of the most popular media persons, he gave a big concert in “Crocus”, which is literally “Apple nowhere to fall”. And celebrated their own anniversary — 35 years, which brought together the richest and most famous people of our country.

As for love, now heart Loboda free.

“I often ask… about my personal life — she wrote in a personal blog. I can tell the perfect man for myself, I have not yet met. But as any normal woman, of course, I wanted it to be. The main problem – I was not looking. Don’t know any strangers, do not go out after the concerts to a rendezvous to customers. I’m quite a conservative person and I trust in destiny!”