Светлана Лобода скрывает отца будущего ребенка от родителей Recently the actress officially confirmed their interesting position. Loboda tried with no one to confide in about the plans to have a second child, so the news surprised her fans. Dad star told details.
Светлана Лобода скрывает отца будущего ребенка от родителей

The star, who is seven months pregnant, moved all the concerts. It is officially stated on one of the last performances on maternity leave. “I want to thank my followers, viewers, organizers, my team, which for so many years with me. This year was filled with memorable moments, and in my life it has become a landmark. I’m leaving on a little vacation to record a new album and to prepare an entirely new show, which we’ll show in October. Concerts will be a lot. And I’m off to prepare for the most important event in every woman’s life – the birth of the baby. For me it is a great miracle, and I thank the heavens for this gift, and you, friends, for your love and your recognition! Yes, will get back to you in June!” – admitted Loboda.

Soon Svetlana will fly to Los Angeles, where in may and will be born her second child. In the same clinic gave birth to Madonna, Victoria Beckham, Alsu. Moms provide a separate two-bedroom house, the food from the chef and even manicure! The question price – about 4 million rubles.

“Light tried to about the pregnancy found out as late as possible, – has shared with “StarHit” Sergey, the father of the singer. But now the term is already large. We are happy, and the daughter wanted another baby. Granddaughter Evangeline – she will soon be 7 years – we already have, now I want a grandson! The father of the future baby it is, we have not yet presented, but any choice daughter, I approve! In the decree, the actress is not going to stay. Two months max will be able to stay without work and then get back on the stage! – continues the Pope-star. – She’s a workaholic, she needs to do something – to act, to tour, to surprise. And with baby’s help and to babysit, and walk. The more the experience is already there”.

Previous husband Loboda communicates only on the education of daughters of eve. The girl was born from choreographer Andrew King. “You’re all alone, without father, hard, – said Svetlana “StarHit”. The woman, in principle, is not easy without a man: all you need to be on my own. And when you have another baby… I can’t afford the extra time to relax, go on vacation, because they are the only breadwinner in the family and needs a lot of work. Andrey tried to make daughter not feel slighted because of our breakup. When I realized that it can no longer be together, decided to disband. To make sacrifices for your daughter and keep a semblance of family life felt wrong. Decided that will push your emotions to the background, if only the child was well.”